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We had the pleasure of speaking with renowned writer Pauline Morrisey about her recent project: a retro revival of a mid-century apartment in Melbourne. Caringal Flats, designed in 1948 by architect John William Rivett, is an iconic early modernist building located in Toorak, Melbourne. Pauline and her husband, Keiran, embarked on a journey to make the apartment their own, with a deep respect for the building’s original era.

In our exclusive Q&A with Pauline, she shares her insights into the decision-making process and discusses why she chose Supertuft’s Escape Velour Esther carpet for the renovation.

What drew you to choose Supertuft for your home?

[Pauline] We chose Supertuft for our home primarily because they offered a vibrant colour range that resonated with the mid-century aesthetic of our Toorak apartment. After thoroughly searching various carpet suppliers, Supertuft was the only brand with the perfect shades to complement our vision. Additionally, the quality of their carpets matched our commitment to using high-quality products throughout our renovation, ensuring that our cosy one-bedroom space would look good and stand up to daily use.

What inspired your choice of our Esther Velour carpet?

[Pauline] We were specifically drawn to the Esther Velour carpet because of its luxurious texture and the vibrant retro green hue perfectly matched our style. Inspired by our affinity for mid-century modern aesthetics, this carpet echoed the era’s characteristic plush, velvet-like finishes evident in the period’s furniture styles. The choice was a natural extension of our overall design theme, which includes similar textures in our lounge and bedroom furnishings. Choosing Esther Velour allowed us to infuse our compact, contemporary space with both the sophistication and comfort that are hallmarks of mid-century design.

What advice would you offer to others considering colour for their own home design projects?

[Pauline] When incorporating colour in your home, view it as an opportunity to infuse your interiors with personality and vibrancy. Reject the common belief that white is a universal solution for enhancing space. Instead, take a step towards discovering your unique colour palette. In our experience, choosing the green carpet was a decision to add character to our living space. Embrace bold choices; they can transform a simple room into a statement of your style, much like we achieved with our contrasting vibrant carpet against the honey tones of our teak cabinetry.

How significant was it for you to support local businesses like Supertuft when choosing finishes for your home?

[Pauline] Supporting a local business was very important for us, especially during the intense period of our apartment’s renovation. We value community and sustainability, and by choosing Supertuft, we not only supported local craftsmanship but also benefited from the reliability that comes with it. It was incredibly comforting to have a trusted local supplier who could confirm delivery schedules directly with our installer within our tight reno timeline.

How do you feel Supertuft carpet aligns with your personal design philosophy or aesthetic preferences?

[Pauline] Supertuft carpet perfectly aligns with one of our core design philosophies: quality over quantity. After transitioning from a three-bedroom home to a one-bedroom apartment, we were determined that every element of our space should reflect good design and craftsmanship. This philosophy is mirrored in our choice of Supertuft’s carpet, with the whole range beautifully blending modern and classic styles.

How important was the quality and composition of the carpet, particularly the use of 100% wool, in your decision to choose Supertuft for your home?

[Pauline] Moving from a coastal location in Northern NSW to the cooler environment of Melbourne, the natural warmth provided by a wool carpet was a comfort and a necessity. Due to the layout of our home, the carpet runs the full length of the bedroom, living, and dining spaces, so no matter where we are in the home, that warmth is carried through. Additionally, the durability of the wool is ideal given our plans to ‘lock up and leave’ our apartment, rent it out, and travel for extended periods.


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