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Caring for your carpet is important as it not only helps eliminate the dirt that can cause stains but also preserves the carpet’s initial texture, extending its overall lifespan. Here’s a quick rundown of the basics of carpet care.



Weekly vacuuming is recommended so that soil does not become embedded in the pile, causing accelerated wear by abrading the fibres at the base of the tufts. There are three types of vacuum cleaners: plain suction, beater bar, and revolving bristle strip. All are efficient for regular cleaning. The last stroke of the vacuum cleaner should be in the pile direction.

Professional Cleaning

Cleaning by hot water extraction (Steam cleaning) can produce excellent results provided that a competent and qualified operator carries it out. Ensure that the operator treats an isolated test area and that you are satisfied with the result before proceeding to all areas.


The carpet is not warranted if treated with products other than those recommended by Supertuft or those described in the Woolmark Walk on Wool brochure.

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Shading (watermarking, permanent pile reversal) will occur in cut pile carpet due to unknown factors other than traffic and is not regarded as a manufacturing fault. Shading occurs in Velour and Twist styles. Before purchasing, read “Permanent Pile Reversal Shading”.

This brochure is distributed by the Carpet Institute of Australia Limited.

Download the Permanent Pile Reversal Shading brochure (pdf)


We recommend using protective mats in areas where furniture is moved regularly on castors.

Any pile loss due to repetitive furniture movement or similar activity is not covered by the guarantee and will not occur if protective mats are used. These mats are available from most office suppliers.


The carpet must be installed according to the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards. If, due to movement of furniture or excessive traffic, the carpet shows any sign of rippling, then we recommend that it be re-stretched as soon as possible to ensure that damage to the carpet does not occur.

Carpet heights when installed



Our carpet is fully guaranteed for 5 years against faulty materials or workmanship, provided that it is maintained correctly and used only in situations for which it is recommended. Please refer to our guarantee information page for full details. Please check the sample boards or visit our carpet styles page if you wish to check the recommended use for any product.

For further information about caring for your carpet, please contact us.


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