Mount Martha - Supertuft
About This Project



  • Original Architect Karl Fender (Fender Katsalidis).
  • Renovator & owner Katie Brannaghan @katiebrannaghan
  • Photographer Derek Swalwell
  • Supertuft Carpet Esther Velour

Originally constructed in the 1970s by Karl Fender, now one half of the esteemed architecture firm Fender Katsalidis, this remarkable mid-century residence, affectionately known as The Fender House, stands as a testament to timeless design. In 2017, Katie Brannaghan and her husband Ian embarked on a transformative journey to rejuvenate this architectural gem.

Among its standout features, the lush green Esther Velour carpeting and the gracefully curved pool truly define the property’s allure. Deliberately chosen for its era-appropriate green hue, the carpet evokes a sense of authenticity, with some visitors even mistaking it for the original flooring.

“Our Esther Velour carpet proved perfect for the project, boasting retro-inspired hues crafted from Australia’ finest 100% wool velour carpet. It truly shines as a standout element across the project’s numerous staircases and split levels, while also offering practicality for everyday family living.”

Dominic Ralton, Supertuft Managing Director.

Katie and Ian, the homeowners and masterminds behind the renovation, were determined to transport visitors back to the stylish ambience of the 1970s upon entering the residence. Their meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout, epitomized by the choice of Esther Velour carpet, complemented by terrazzo tiled floors, an abundance of indoor greenery, a fully wood- panelled kitchen, and carefully curated furnishings and decor from the era. Together, these elements seamlessly recreate the retro charm of the period, ensuring an immersive experience for all who step through the doors.


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