Est Lighting Showroom - Supertuft
About This Project


  • Architect Christopher Elliott Design
  • Photographer Jack Lovel
  • Supertuft Rugs Escape Velour Lotti and Escape Velour Indi

The Melbourne showroom of Est Lighting, meticulously crafted by Christopher Elliot Design, seamlessly marries soft furnishing design with lighting design, demonstrating how a space lacking in natural light can be transformed into a luminous showcase.

Drawing inspiration from the interplay of light with curved surfaces and vibrant hues, the design team curated materials that interacted with light in captivating ways. Custom-designed curved Supertuft rugs in Escape Velour Lotti and Escape Velour Indi imbue the space with depth, sophistication, and a touch of drama. Enhanced by dramatic lighting fixtures scattered throughout the area and bold furnishings against vibrant walls, the showroom exudes an aura of contemporary elegance and innovation.

“A major source of inspiration came from the way light interacted with curved surfaces.”

The Escape Velour Lotti rug provides a centrepiece for the showroom.

Request a sample of our Escape Velour Lotti or our Escape Velour Indi.


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